>Sweater Back Finished

>I thought I’d better knit the back of the sweater to re-familiarise myself with the knit radar before I make the next part of the video.

The last couple of times I’ve used it I haven’t done the neck shaping, I’ve just knitted it straight across (still shaping the shoulders) then done a cut and sew neckline. For the video I want to show how to do the shaping using the knit radar pattern so I had to have a little practice.

Here’s how it turned out:

Sweater Back
I usually get confused when I have to wind back the punchcard then have to put the pattern back into the memory on the carriage. On more than one occasion I have set the carriage wrongly and managed to knit the row instead of slip the row. It’s a stupid mistake but one I manage to make. Fortunately this time I remembered to move the carriage lever to slip and lock the card on the right row before I moved the carriage along.

Let’s hope I remember to do it like that when I’m recording the front being knitted. Hopefully I’ll get that done at the weekend.

Talk to you later,


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