>Lace Again

>I had planned to make another video today showing how to knit the sleeve increases using the knit radar. As I am full of cold and am coughing and sneezing all the time I decided to leave it until I’m better. I don’t think you’d have been able to understand me anyway because by doze id all bunged ub and I can’t talk properly.

So I decided to have another play with the lace carriage on my Knitmaster 321.
I have swapped over all the needles from the Knitmaster 260 that I bought off ebay which quite honestly seem to be just the same as the ones that were already in but there you go.

I think I’ve figured out just how much weight to use – well it seemed OK for the 80 stitch practice piece but no doubt when I come to make a full size item I’ll have to figure it out again.

I still had to keep an eye on every transfer row just to make sure it was working properly and it still managed to lose the odd stitch here and there. It also managed to transfer some stitches onto the posts instead of the needles so I used a pair of small long nosed pliers and carefully put those posts back in line. They must have only been out by a tiny fraction but it seemed to do the trick so fingers crossed I might have sorted out the problems.

Anyway, the pattern is from the Empisal Knitmaster Punchcard Pattern Book 4, it’s fashion lace and sometimes you have to do ten passes of the carriage with no yarn in before you actually knit a row. Obviously it was a bit time consuming as I had to check the stitches after each pass but I’m hoping that I’ll eventually get rid of all the little problems and there may be a time when I won’t need to check it every single time.

Here’s what I produced:


Hopefully the next time I post it will be with another video on the knit radar.

Talk to you later,


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