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>I was watching an auction on ebay all week for a Knitmaster 360. Having been had by one ebay seller a few weeks ago I decided to contact the seller and ask what accessories were included and what condition the machine was in. I emailed him/her last Saturday when the auction was first listed. When I hadn’t had a reply by Thursday I contacted them again and asked the same questions. I never received a reply.

The auction ended today and was sold for £15. I was prepared to go up to £50 if it had been in good condition but as the seller never bothered to answer my questions I didn’t bother to bid on it. I’ll wait for another one to come along.

What’s up with some of these ebay sellers? Why don’t they answer questions? If someone is asking about the item they’re selling surely it makes sense to answer the questions rather than just ignore a potential buyer.

Oh well, their loss I suppose.

Talk to you later,


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