>My New Toy

>The Knitmaster 700K was delivered on Friday morning:

What do you think? It’s in very good condition and it knits just fine.

I tested it out with three punchcards that I’ve never had any success with on the 321:

fair isle 1
fair isle 2
fair isle 3

That’s as much as I’ve managed to do on it so far but there doesn’t appear to be any problems with it.

I’m going to have a good play with it this week as I’m on holiday from work and once I’m certain that it’s working OK I might just sell the 321. I’ll have to see how it goes.

Can anyone help Elaine? In the comments on my last post she asked:

i am working on a brother 950i i bought a ribber on ebay the kr850 i have had nothing but problems so i tried the getting it alighned and adjusted right and still it does not knit the rib properly i am giving up soon as it is driving me crazy…has anyone got any suggestions on what i might be doing wrong, the problem is that the middle of rib is not ribbing properly as instead of one stitch on the purl needle their is three or four, on the other needles it is only one stitch. If i ignore it and carry on then it all ends in disaster…]thanks: elaine uk

The only thing I can think of is that there isn’t enough weight on the knitting. Does anyone else have any suggestions for her?

Talk to you later,


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  1. Susan Course says:

    It might only be a damaged needle. Take a good one from the end of the ribber and replace the one thats having the built up of stitches on it.

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