>I’ve been playing with the Knitmaster 700 and all in all I’m very happy with the machine.

I tried tuck stitch:
Tuck Stitch

Slip stitch:
Slip Stitch

Knit weaving:
Knit Weaving
I should maybe have usd a different punchcard for the weaving, that pattern isn’t very good.

I tried knitting a single motif:
Single Motif
Something went wrong with his head but at least I managed to knit a single motif.

I tried platting:
Platting 1
Platting 2
I don’t know what the platting is supposed to look like but what I did looks OK to me.

I tried punch lace but it didn’t go well:
Punch Lace Gone Wrong
I wonder if there’s something wrong with some of the needles?

Then I decided to see if the lace carriage would work:
Lace Gone Wrong
It didn’t.

I think I may have to get one of the LC2 lace carriages for this machine although from what I’ve read on the knitting machine groups some people have used the 360/260 carriage on the 700 with no problems.

I also had a go at intarsia and although I didn’t take a photo the result was successful. The annoying thing is that I just bought an intarsia carriage to use on the 321 but I never got chance to use it. The 700 doesn’t need a seperate intarsia carriage as the main carriage can do it so I wasted my money there. Oh well, I suppose I can always put it back on ebay.

Today I knitted the front and back of a plain black v-neck sweater. The only problem I had was when I mis-read the pattern and had to pull some of it out and re-knit it – the machine worked perfectly.

So tomorrow I’ll knit the sleeves and possibly the neckband unless I get sidetracked and do someting else instead. I still need to sew the zip into the gilet that I knitted weeks ago and I still have a balaclava to sew up that I knitted months ago! I’ll get round to it eventually.

Talk to you later,


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