>The Death Of A Sweater

>I knitted my first sweater on the Knitmaster 700 – then I went and killed it. It was a plain black v-neck for work made of acrylic yarn. When I tried it on it was just a little small so I thought I would try and ‘big’ it. Usually I’m good at ‘bigging’ sweaters, I put them in the washing machine at a higher temperature than they should be then I tumble dry them. This is normally done unintentionally with sweaters that fit me perfectly in the first place and they end up too big.

I thought that seeing as this one was a bit too small I would deliberately wash it on the wrong temperature and tumble dry it then it would end up fitting me. I was wrong. It ‘bigged’ alright, I can’t deny that but it ‘bigged’ sideways instead of lengthways. The sleeves ‘bigged’ lengthways though and ended up exactly the right length. The v-neck – well the less said about that the better. It turned out massive. I don’t think I can recover this sweater but I’m not annoyed, I got a laugh out of it when I took it out of the dryer. The yarn was really cheap stuff, I only used it because I knew the sweater would be washed and worn over and over again with it being for work.

Anyway, I have another cone of this yarn so I’m going to knit plain black v-neck sweater version two. I don’t know when I’ll start on it but it will have to be sometime soon as it’s quite cold at work at six o’clock in the morning.

Thank you steelbreeze and bunches of yarn for your suggestions about the ribber problem that Elaine is having. If you’re reading this, Elaine, you can see their suggestions here.

Thanks to everyone else who has left me comments recently.
Laura, I will make an intarsia video but it won’t be for a couple of weeks yet. I think I will need to practice a bit first as I’m not used to doing it on a standard machine. I did a lot on the Bond years ago but I’m a bit rusty now. I think Toni also asked me to make an intarsia video a few weeks ago. It will get done eventually, really it will.

Talk to you later,


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