>Black V Neck Sweater

>This evening I had another attempt at a plain v-neck sweater (how difficult could it be?) and I decided to use the KM700’s built in knit radar. I knitted and washed a tension swatch a couple of days ago so I was ready to go. The trouble is that the built in knit radar is a KR7 which is full size and my pattern sheets are for a KR6 which is half size. A lady in America very kindly sent me a set of patterns for just the price of the postage but unfortunately when I went to use them I realised they are also for the KR6.

Not to be beaten I decided to use one of the KR6 patterns. The green ruler said I needed to use stitch scale 30 so I found the number 30 scales from both the radars and compared them which led me to the conclusion that whatever the KR7 scale said I had to double it. Had the KR7 scales gone up to 60 I would have used that one but they don’t go up that high. I had already been warned not to use the KR6 scales in the KR7 as I would lose them inside the machine so that was something I definitely wasn’t going to try.

So that was the stitches sorted out, now what about the rows? Well there is a knob that can be set to 1/1 or 1/2 so I figured that as I was using a half size pattern I might as well set the knob to 1/2. What was the worst that could happen? It would go wrong an I’d have to pull it out. So I set the knob at 1/2 and the row dial to 46 and just went for it. I had to remember to double whatever the scale said so I double checked every reading as I went along just to be on the safe side.

Guess what? It worked. I cast it off and measured it against me and it seems to be the right size. So hopefully before too long I’ll have my plain black v-neck sweater to wear for work.

Talk to you later,


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