>One Finished, Another One Started

>The black v neck jumper is finally finished:

Black V Neck Sweater
You wouldn’t think something as plain and simple as that would have taken so long would you?

I decided to try and make something with all this 3ply:

3Ply Wool
Obviously there isn’t enough of any one colour to make a complete sweater and I don’t really want to make another stripey one so I thought I might do some fair isle. I was thinking of one of those really old fashioned fair isle sweaters with loads of different colours. So I had a look through the Knitmaster Punchcard Pattern books and came up with this one:

Fair Isle Pattern
It’s just the sort of thing I had been thinking of so I decided to use it and punched out the punchcard.

I made a tension swatch by just putting in the punchcard and knitting a few rows using each of the colours. My theory being that the stitch and row counts that I got would take into account the differences between all the individual yarns I’m using. It might work – it might not, I’ll soon find out.

Anyway, this is the swatch:

This isn’t what the finished sweater will look like because I wasn’t changing the yarns in the correct places but these are the colours that I’m using (apart from the grey).

I had to go through the punchcard and work out which rows to change the colours on and write it all down. The good thing about using the Knit Radar is that I don’t have to count the rows which makes it easier for me as I’ll have to re-set the counter to zero every time I’ve gone right through the punchcard so that I don’t lose track of when to change colours.

Anyway, when it’s finished it will either be something that looks like a piece of expensive designer knitwear or (more likely) another gardening sweater.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

Talk to you later,


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11 Responses to >One Finished, Another One Started

  1. T says:

    >WOW. The colorwork is incredible! I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up with – it looks like you've got a great start!(Originally posted on 5th October 2008)

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Beautiful swatch .. I love it so jealous .. I guess i will have to figure out how to something like that on my brother 800 .. I have been looking for another machine with the actual punch card thing in it instead of having to move my punch card each time with the lever.. I cant wait to see your finished sweater ..Toni(Originally posted on 5th October 2008)

  3. crooknees says:

    >The black sweater was worth all the time and effort. It looks great.Your swatch has got me all excited! I'm waiting for my first punchcard machine to arrive and seeing your gorgeous swatch has got me raring to go.Mind you I will probably still be learning how to use it at Christmas.Never mind I will get all the help I need by watching your videos again. Bless you.(Originally posted on 6th October 2008)

  4. Anonymous says:

    >The black sweater looks very 'professional'!Cindy(Originally posted on 6th October 2008)

  5. steelbreeze says:

    >Love it! I think I'd be inclined to mark the colour numbers on the punchcard myself, assuming you're not changing the order every time the card goes round, but heck, whatever works for you! Just be careful you don't lose count if there's a mistake.Isn't the knitleader fun?! You have a real eye for colour!(Originally posted on 6th October 2008)

  6. >Love the fairisle swatch. It is reminiscent of an abstract landscape.The black sweater looks stunning. I've never made a black sweater for me.^__^(Originally posted on 6th October 2008)

  7. >Oh wow… the black is awesome. I was looking at your color choices and going hmmm hows that going to work. I AM NOT A COLOR PERSON! You have those special color seeing eyes and mind. I look forward to watching the progress.(Originally posted on 6th October 2008)

  8. tismeaaron says:

    >I love how you have done your v-neck! ive never new you could do them like that!nice fairisle pattern, was just wanting to ask, do you know where i could get some blank 24 stitch punchcards for my knitmaster machine?(Originally posted on 7th October 2008)

  9. Susan says:

    >Thanks for all your comments.tismeaaron, I buy my blank punchcards off ebay, you can often find a bargain on there.(Originally posted on 7th October 2008)

  10. SVMD says:

    >Hi Susan,Your black sweater is just lovely. Perfect.That swatch you knit is very similar to patterns used for cardigans & button front vests we're able to buy from stores here in Canada, called "Northern Reflections". They're usually knit in cotton or a cotton blend & they're not cheap, either. I like my vest (a gift) because with the many colours in it, I'm able to wear it with a lot of different slacks. You have a very nice variety of colours.Did you find that punchcard in a Knitmaster book you purchased? Ilove it.Keep up the good work & stay healthy.All the best,Shirley, Ontario Canada(Originally posted on 8th October 2008)

  11. Leigh says:

    >Just gorgeous!!!PS just read your meme and your music could be on my ipod, haha!(Originally posted on 13th October 2008)

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