>Fair Isle Sweater

>Yesterday I finished knitting the front of the fair isle sweater, I’m doing a cut and sew neck. You know when you start something that seems like a good idea at the time but then you wish you hadn’t? Well that’s how I felt by the time I’d got this off the machine:

Fair Isle Sweater Front

There were just too many colour changes – I’ve spared you the sight of all the ends that need sewing in by hiding them under the finished piece for the photograph. I’ve decided that the back and sleeves of this sweater are going to be plain.

I’ll knit the back in beige and hopefully I’ll have enough beige wool left for the sleeves as well. If there isn’t enough beige I’ll do the sleeves in the yellow. I still don’t know if this will end up as another gardening sweater (in other words too ugly to be worn in public) or whether I’ll manage to pull it off and make it look OK.

Here’s a close-up of the fair isle pattern:

Fair Isle Pattern

Now I need to make a tension swatch in the beige wool so that I can knit the back and (hopefully) the sleeves.

I’ll post the updates as and when they happen.

Talk to you later,


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6 Responses to >Fair Isle Sweater

  1. crookness says:

    >Susan that fairisle is gorgeous!!!I do hope that you have enough of the beige. It would be so sad for that beautiful design to be hidden from public view.Do you have a colour changer? I was wondering if they save a lot of 'hassle' in fairisle knitting.This is a method I haven't tried yet. Still stuck on tuck. Lots of dropped stitches as well.GRRRRH!!!(Originally posted on 14th October 2008)

  2. hugman95 says:

    >I've had projects that sounded good but turned out questionable. Who knows. I kind of like the colors. I know it's a chore though.I'm having to start my intarsia sweater over again. It came off the machine when I was cleaning my space and I don't think I can manage to put it back on again. Oh well.Peace,Aaron(Originally posted on 15th October 2008)

  3. tismeaaron says:

    >Susan, The fairisle pattern is fantastic! i wouldnt be able to do that without knitting a row the wrong colour or something!What book did you get the punchcard pattern for this ?ive just finnished knitting the pieces for my jumper just have to do neckband and sew together.(Originally posted on 15th October 2008)

  4. >I think your work is beautiful, maybe a solid back and sleeves will look great, but the effect of an entire fair isle sweater would be awesome, imo. (I should be talking!…have not even tried a swatch of fair isle)And…thanks for the definition.^__^(Originally posted on 16th October 2008)

  5. Rose Blue says:

    >WOW!!!God bless and greetings to your Guardian Angel.Charlene(Originally posted on 23rd November 2008)

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