>Intarsia On The Knitmaster 321

>I finally made the intarsia video that I’ve been promising for ages.

I thought it might be possible to do it using just the normal carriage but it isn’t, you need to use the AG-20 intarsia carriage. I bought one just a few weeks before I bought the Knitmaster 700 which doesn’t need a seperate carriage as it’s main carriage is capable of intarsia. So I don’t think there’s much liklihood of me using the AG-20 again (unless I manage to break the 700 carriage).

Anyway, here’s the video – better late than never:

I hope some of you found it useful.

I’ve made a start on the back of the fair isle jumper, I haven’t done very much of it but at least I made a start.

Talk to you later,


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8 Responses to >Intarsia On The Knitmaster 321

  1. Laura says:

    >Hi Susan, Thanks such a lot for taking the time to do an intarsia video. It was very helpful to me as I have to knit a silly reindeer head on a sweater for xmas and the only way I can think of doing it is intarsia which I havent done on the machine before. It looked fairly straightforward so I feel ready to give it a go. Thanks again, you are an inspiration!Laura(Originally posted on 27th October 2008)

  2. hugman95 says:

    >Thanks for the video Susan. I appreciate the work you do. In case you couldn't tell, I'm back to blogging again. Right now I'm making life changes. Knitting is still happening in my house, though.Peace,Aaron(Originally posted on 27th October 2008)

  3. Laritza says:

    >Thank you so much! You always read my mind on what I want to try next and never find the courage :D. Now I have seen it works and I will give it a go. You are a wonderful resource for us. Thank you again and again.(Originally posted on 27th October 2008)

  4. tismeaaron says:

    >Susan Thank you very much for making the intarsia video!I was going to do an intarsia scarf a while ago, I even bought one of those AG20 carriages even though my machine has an intarsia function too..thinking it would make it easier, but it never came with any instructions..and the scarf was never made,and now i know how to work it thanks to your video.(Originally posted on 27th October 2008)

  5. >Have not been too fond of intarsia…obviously I did not know how to do intarsia properly.You make it look attainable. Thank you. ^__^(Originally posted on 27th October 2008)

  6. Toni says:

    >Thank you for making that video.. I dont have one of them carriages yet but am working on it.. your the best.. your a life savor with the videos .. I would be so lost..Toni(Originally posted on 27th October 2008)

  7. Liz in Oz says:

    >Hi Susan, Fantastic as always, I have one of those, now I have to find it and give it a go. One question though, do you set the tension dial on the intarsia carriage the same as you would for normal knitting? Keep up the good work. Cheers Liz in Oz.(Originally posted on 27th October 2008)

  8. Susan says:

    >According to the instruction book you use the same number as for the main carriage.(Originally posted on 28th October 2008)

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