>Missing Parts

>The Weavemaster arrived today and I have to say it doesn’t look too difficult to use. There is an instruction manual with it which I’ve read through and I think I understand it all. Now for the bad news. It’s missing the two brackets that hold the knitting machine in place. I’ve emailed the seller to ask if she has them and I’m just waiting for a reply.

If she doesn’t have them all is not lost as there is a spindle thingy which allows you to use it as a stand alone loom. I will be a bit disappointed if I can’t use it with the machine though as I wanted to be able to use punchcards for the patterning.

Never mind though, I’ll just wait and see what the seller says. It looks like it will be a fun thing to use whether on the machine or not – if I ever have time to try it.

Talk to you later,


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  1. >Would it be possible to use any kind of 'C' clamp, to replace the missing parts?I looked at a Weavemaster by googling it, and it looks like a great idea. I would be concerned about the 'pull' on the needle bed. Then, again, they must have tested the equipment extensively before putting it on the market.It seems that it can be a fun implement to have.^__^(Originally posted on 7th November 2008)

  2. Leigh says:

    >Sorry about your missing part, I am glad you can still use it. It really looks like an awesome machine!(Originally posted on 9th November 2008)

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