>No Knitting But A Bit Of Weaving

>I sat down at the knitting machine today intending to knit the second sleeve of the fair isle sweater. I looked at the machine and thought “I can’t be bothered”, so I didn’t. If I’d forced myself to knit it I would have probably messed it up even though it’s just a plain sleeve but you know what it’s like don’t you? If you really don’t want to do something you’re bound to do it wrong aren’t you.

I will knit it on Tuesday, my next day off. Definitely.

Last week I had a go of the Weavemaster. My first attempt wasn’t very good:

First Weaving

In fact it was terrible but it did get better as I went along.

Once I’ve finished my sweater I’m going to weave a practise scarf so I can get better at it, then I intend to make a scarf out of this:

Spinning Dog Hair

For the past year or so I’ve been saving my dog’s fur every time she’s been brushed and I think I’ve now got enough to make a scarf. A couple of years ago I managed to spin up enough to make these:

chiengora wristwarmer

(Does anyone remember them?)
I knitted them on the Knitmaster 302 and was (and still am) quite proud of them. People don’t believe me when I say that they are knitted from dog hair. They don’t look quite the same now though, they are much fluffier. The more you wear them the fluffier they get. I wore them a couple of weeks ago when I walked to work and one of the lasses there said I looked as if I had werewolf hands. Well, maybe I did but at least they were warm werewolf hands!

Anyway, when I eventually get all this dog hair spun the plan is to weave myself a scarf so I’ll probably have it finished by this time next year!

Talk to you later,


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5 Responses to >No Knitting But A Bit Of Weaving

  1. tismeaaron says:

    >spinning is something i havnt tried yet,Ive been looking out for a spindle like that for a while on ebay but havnt seen one yet, maybe im typing the wrong thing in.I think i remember reading that post ages ago and being shocked that you could use dog hair to make yarn,They will be a nice way to remember your dog.(Originally posted on 17th November 2008)

  2. >Nice fingerless gloves, looks like angora. I'm curious…would the scarf be itchy? are the gloves? It seems that dog hair in general would be itchy. Maybe your puppy is soft.Did not know that you also spun…I'm telling you, you are very talented.(Originally posted on 18th November 2008)

  3. Susan says:

    >I think you are right, the scarf might be itchy. I put one of the gloves next to my neck and it didn't feel as soft as it does on my hand. I'll see what it's like when it's finished.I don't spin very well – I just dabble.(Originally posted on 19th November 2008)

  4. Rose Blue says:

    >Hi Suzy, fantastic idea. My dogs have coarse straight fur so it wouldn't work but it's a brilliant idea. Maybe you can get a hat out of next years harvest. ;-)God bless and greetings to your Guardian Angel.Charlene(Originally posted on 23rd November 2008)

  5. Lily says:

    >Aha, at last a use for the dog hair tumbleweeds rolling around my house!(Originally posted on 27th November 2008)

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