>Fair Isle Sweater Finished

>I’ve finally finished the fair isle sweater:

Fair Isle Sweater Front

I’ve nothing else to add except that I think this blog is dying a slow death due to lack of posts.

Talk to you later,


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9 Responses to >Fair Isle Sweater Finished

  1. Ysabeau says:

    >Wonderfull ! A lot of work non ?(Originally posted on 23rd November 2008)

  2. Sylvia Moore says:

    >Suzy, it's gorgeous and I think the tan sleeves was the right decision.(Originally posted on 23rd November 2008)

  3. Rose Blue says:

    >Suzy, that's downright stunning. WOW. I hope to be able to do something in that vein some day soon.Thank you ever so much for sharing. Keep up the good work. I do love your Youtube videos as well.God bless and greetings to your Guardian Angel.Charlene(Originally posted on 23rd November 2008)

  4. >Oh, WOW! the finished product is greater than the parts thereof…sorry, stuck on math.I really like how it turned out.(and…please don't say those ugly words about your blog…please???) Come back every now and again, or we'll miss you too much.(Originally posted on 24th November 2008)

  5. Ludmilla says:

    >Very neat job!Don't envy you having to sew in all those ends!You certainly have patience.(Originally posted on 24th November 2008)

  6. arelente2 says:

    >so cool. all the colours blend together in such earthly mood, but there is a little bit more to that…. i cant put my finger on it.(Originally posted on 24th November 2008)

  7. Turbocane says:

    >Beautiful. The plain sleeves really show off the main body.(Originally posted on 25th November 2008)

  8. Stephani says:

    >Wow ! Great ! I like it very much .greetingsStephani(Originally posted on 26th November 2008)

  9. Carol says:

    >Suzy, what a gorgeous jumper – you are so talented. Please don't stop the blog. Did you make this on your new Knitmaster 700? I am still struggling with mine and I'm very interested in how yours is doing. Mine keeps jamming – don't know why and I think I will try putting a new needle retaining bar in as you suggested and checking each needle with a magnifying glass. Other than that it has been such fun and opened up a whole new hobby for me, thanks to your videos. My first effort was a boatneck plain jumper, which is not bad for a beginner & at least it fits – so tension OK. Then I did lots of scarves for extra crimble pressies trying out the cards (no.1 best). Now I'm doing a roundnecked 3" striped jumper for the man, which is when it started jamming. Any advise on maintenance. My instructions just says an occasional oil, but I found a whole page of typed cleaning instructions in a pattern book telling you to do lots of things with meths after each use! So a little video on looking after the machine would be useful. I am quite happy with mock rib; so is a ribber that useful? And which machine is your favourite? Best wishes Carol(Originally posted on 2nd December 2008)

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