>I’ve been having another practice on the Weavemaster:


It’s not brilliant but it’s getting better. I tried bringing the yarn up the side when I changed colours but it didn’t look right so I decided just to cut it instead. I’ll have to weave the ends in when I’ve finished the sarf. In the instruction book they change yarns in the middle of the row but won’t that spoil the look of the checked pattern that I’m trying to do?

I’m going to do a couple of practice scarves before I try to weave with the chiengora (dog hair) which I haven’t even finished spinning yet.

I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a spare set of the Weavemaster brackets that are used for holding the knitting machine in place that they would be willing to sell me? I’d really like to be able to use this with the machine as at the moment I can’t do much in the way of patterning. Failing that, would anyone be willing to lend me the brackets so that I can get a set made up to the same measurements? I know it’s a bit cheeky of me but as Billy always says to me “shy bairns get nowt.”

Talk to you later,


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  1. T says:

    >Oh, that is COOL! Of course I don't have the brackets you need since I'm just an old-school ISM'er… (and I need a set of brackets for one of mine!)So Billy's comment is definitely words I live by (though not nearly as colorful). I might have to use the phrase – and I promise I won't try to imitate anyone's accent but my own :-)(You need to add something like "cool" or "brilliant" to your reactions list!)(Originally posted on 25th November 2008)

  2. steelbreeze says:

    >I'll have a look tonight, if I remember, see if they are postable. I think they are metal, with a rubber rest for the machine, but you could probably knock summat up in wood and a bit of rubber. As long as you promise not to kidnap them! :D(Originally posted on 25th November 2008)

  3. Susan says:

    >That would be great! Billy will probably be able to make some for me once he sees what they are supposed to look like. I promise to return them straight away. Thanks.(Originally posted on 25th November 2008)

  4. SVMD says:

    >Hi Susan,I'm finally getting around to posting a comment & I have to say I just love your sweater. It's perfect. I think that the plain sleeves are exactly what it needed. I sure don't envy you having to tie in all those ends. I also had a look at your garden & flower beds They're lovely. Perhaps some dayI'll send you some picts of my yard. It's big& I have tons of flowers too. After the Newyear I want to knitweave a bathroom set. Oh yes, I have lots of plans. Now it's just to be able to stay home long to be able to do the things I want to do. One of them being to use the knit contour on my 700.Wishing you all the best,Shirley, in cold, snowy, northeastern Ontario, Canada(Originally posted on 28th November 2008)

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