>Hello Again

>As you can see I have re-started my blog.

When I first deleted it I was determined that it was gone for good and that I wanted nothing more to do with it.

After a couple of days I started thinking about what I’d do with it if I re-started it.

After a few more days I was thinking what I’d do with it when I re-started it.

Then I was thinking “I will re-start it.”

(I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure.)

So here I am with a new blog and a clean slate.

You may have noticed that I have already started to upload my videos to my new YouTube account, I will be adding the rest over time.

I don’t regret deleting everything but I didn’t think I’d want to start again so soon after doing it! I thought that maybe by the Summer I’d feel like reviving the blog but as it turned out I was itching to get started again after about a week. I do feel more enthusiastic about it now though so maybe I did do the right thing.

I intend to go right back to basics and start off with a few posts about the Bond. I think that’s about as basic as machine knitting can be.

Before I deleted the blog I was working my way through some stitch samples that I’d made on the Bond many years ago so I think I’ll get them out again and this time go through them all. I think I had only managed to post about half a dozen before.

I’ve got a few ideas for what I want to do with the blog now but they are all in my head so I really should write them down or else I’ll forget them. I was thinking of trying out some of the things that I did on the KM321 but this time on the KM700 and maybe make things using the different techniques. For instance, the pile knitting – maybe I could make a bath mat or something, I can’t really think of anything else you would use it for.

Anyway, that’s the plan. I just hope my enthusiasm lasts long enough for me to do all the things I’m planning!

Talk to you later,

(Please ignore the previous posts here, they were made just to use as links in the sidebar.)

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12 Responses to >Hello Again

  1. tismeaaron says:

    >Great to see you back susan!I was shocked to see your blog closed! Im glad you chose to re-start it. You have taught me alot about machine knittingI will be looking forward to your plans and future posts,Aaron

  2. >Glad to see you back…I missed you.Rachelle

  3. >Welcome back! I thought I would have to go to blog-rehab if it lasted much longer, but I stuck it out and hoped you would come back. All snowed in today, it was supposed to be my last day at work-no chance though as the underground & buses are not running.Sandy

  4. steel breeze says:

    >Wow! Nice to have you back! 🙂

  5. knittsings says:

    >I figured this time you decided to be gone for good. I’m glad I checked back one more time.I’ve updated my links so knitters can find you.

  6. QuirkyJen says:

    >Thanks for coming back and sharing your wealth of knowledge! I know the net can be unforgiving at times, but know there are people (especially me!) who look forward to your updates.

  7. >Good to see you back. ^__^

  8. Jen E says:

    >Very happy to see your blog up and running again. Thanks for your teaching and exploring.

  9. Ro says:

    >As a new bond knitter, this has been SO helpful, to find your blog, with it’s posts and videos. Thank you, and I look forward eagerly to more.

  10. Cath says:

    >Hooray!I found many of your videos very helpful and your approach very accessible and friendly. Never felt dumb watching, and always left smarter. :-)I’m delighted to have found you again.

  11. taurigal says:

    >It is so wonderful to have you back with us! I really missed you! Your videos and commentaries provide so much wonderful information, both for new knitters and seasoned alike. You have helped me to not fear my knitting machine, and I often refer back to older videos you have done for inspiration and information. I was devastated when you left! Welcome back! P.S. I did find some of those racing grannies you showed a while back – what a hoot! Thanks so much for all you do!

  12. Linda says:

    >Hi SusanSO glad you are back.I’d only just discovered you before you disappeared.I found your videos really helpful.I’m new to machine knitting having recently bought myself a Knitmaster 700 with ribber.I’ve had the machine for about a month and it’s driving me MAD.I’ve managed knitting a swatch,but keep having dropped stitches both ends,up to six or so at a time.I noticed you have a 700 and planned on posting some videos using the machine.Hope to see some soon. Keep up the good work, very much appreciated by myself. (even hubby sits waching the vids,I’m getting worried.He was fascinated by your bike cam)ThanksLinda

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