>Bond Cast On Comb

>A few years ago I found instructions somewhere on the internet (I don’t remember where) on how to make a cast on comb for the Bond so I made myself one.

I have to say I don’t really like using this cast on comb, I much prefer the plastic hem but that’s probably because I’ve been using it for so long.

I found that the first row of knitting was really difficult to do but maybe if I’d played about with it I would have found an easier way to cast on with it.

The needle pushers that I made in the video have been much more useful even though I could have done with hammering in the staples a bit straighter.

Talk to you later,

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  1. SVMD says:

    >Hi Susy,I'm so very glad that you're back.Altho' I don't use a bond, I do have an LK 150. I find that everything you do is very interesting & informative.Wishing you all the best.Shirley DorseyKirkland Lake, Ont. Can.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >It was very interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

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