>Setting Up The Bond Ribber (3)

>Here is the third video of my attempt to set up the Bond Ribber:

As you can see from the video I was totally p*ssed off with that machine, that’s why I gave up.

I should maybe have tried widening the gap between the beds but who’s to say if that would have made it work any better?

If anyone reading this has a Bond Ribber I hope you are having more luck with yours than I’ve had with mine!

Talk to you later,

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3 Responses to >Setting Up The Bond Ribber (3)

  1. Bente T says:

    >Oh Susan I admire you that you could go on for so long, I had thrown everything out the window long before you did stop and would have been hoarse by shouting at the stupid machine. I wish you luck with your work to give us videos that we can find out how things are linked together. Thumbs up!Bente

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Hi Susan–i have a Bond Ribber–mine –once i aligned it-it knitsperfectly—not kidding–on my-left ribber bracket—the knob is set up(screwed) halfway–on the left one it is to normal position or in other words i didn’t have to move it—for the spacing between the beds–i have it at the width of 2 green cards at the center for red heart yarn—-i have to push my knitter needles to fwp for a few rows or i will get 2 or 3 stitches that don’t knit correctly-then it starts running soothly— and the handle fits really snug and tight on the carriages–iam never moving my ribber brackets from that position again!–hope you can get it to work

  3. Susan says:

    >Mine works great when I can ever get it lined up properly!

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