>The Bond Ribber (Again)

>This is my last video of the Bond Ribber which was actually made before the last three that I showed you. I originally uploaded it in June 2007, the ‘Beelzebub’ videos were originally uploaded in November 2007.

I thought I’d put this one up again just to prove that it does work sometimes.

I was knitting the bands on this shrug which is a free pattern from Bond America.

It was probably just pure luck that I got it to work properly.

Here’s the finished shrug:

Bond shrug

Maybe I’ll have another go at setting the Bond Ribber up. You never know, I might actually get it to work again.

Talk to you later,

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4 Responses to >The Bond Ribber (Again)

  1. >That shrug is too cute. I don’t have a bond but do you think it could be knit on a bulky?

  2. Susan says:

    >I should think you would be able to knit it on a bulky as long as you can get the right tension.

  3. Monique says:

    >Hey Susan the shrug turned out just perfect. I don’t know how you are still interested in fussing with any of those old machines now that you have your newer, fantastic punchcard machines. Seems like everything else would just be frustrating. Guess I’m just speaking for myself. LOL! Even electronic machines frustated me after using my SK-280. But hey, it’s all about fun and as long as you’re having fun while making those nice garments, that’s all that matters.

  4. Susan says:

    >It’s nice to get back to a simple machine for a change. I must admit I’m missing the punchcards!

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