>1 x 1 Rib With Open Edge Cast On

>Works best with Aran and Mohair yarns.

Cast on with open edge using a smaller size keyplate than for the body of the garment, on every other needle, leaving 2 stitches together at each edge.

Knit 3 rows.

Bring all NWP needles into WP with latches open.

Knit 15 – 20 rows in stocking stitch on all needles.

Starting with the third stitch from the edge, ladder down to bottom of knitting. Put latch tool in bottom loop, miss next 2 rungs and latch up ladder in usual way.

Repeat on every alternate needle across row.

Put in correct keyplate for body of garment and knit on.

1x1 Rib OE Cast On

The sample was knitted on the Bond using Aran yarn and keyplate 2 (the old KP2, not the Dot keyplate).

Talk to you later,

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