>1 x 1 Rib

>Using waste yarn, cast on (open edge) an odd number of stitches and knit 6 rows.

Break off waste yarn and thread up main yarn.

Transfer 2nd and every alternate stitch to the neighbouring needle and put empty needle in NWP.

Knit 1 row with a very thin nylon cord and clip the ends to the hem so that the end stitches do not slip.

Use a keyplate one size smaller than you will use for the main knitting and knit 3 rows by hand across the needles in WP as tightly as possible.

Bring the NWP needles to WP and still knitting by hand but with normal tension, knit 2 rows.

Replace carriage and still using smaller keyplate, knit the required number of rib rows.

Ladder down the stitches directly above the rows of holes at the start of the main knitting one at a time. Ladder down to the hole and with latch tool pick up the first loop above nylon cord, miss next 2 strands, latch up to top and put the stitch onto the empty needle. Repeat across the row.

Change to main keyplate size and continue knitting.

When knitting has been removed from machine, carefully pull out nylon cord to remove waste yarn.

1x1 Rib

The sample was knitted on the Bond using double knitting yarn and the old keyplate 1.

Talk to you later,

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