>2 x 1 Rib

>Cast on with waste yarn.

Knit 4 – 6 rows. Transfer every 3rd stitch onto adjacent needle. Knit one row with nylon cord.

Knit 2 rows with main yarn and keyplate one size smaller than for main garment.

Using transfer tool, pick up loops of 1st row in main yarn plus end ‘bump’ at opposite end to the starting tail of the main yarn and place on needles.

Bring forward the NWP needles and knit one row.

Check each needle collects a loop.

Still using smaller keyplate, knit required depth of ribbing.

Ladder doen every 3rd stitch and latch up by picking up 1st thread, missing the next and picking up the next then latching up.

Change to main keyplate and knit the rest of garment.

Once finished the nylon cord can be removed and a closed edge 2 x 1 rib cast on results.

2x1 Rib

The sample was knitted on the Bond using DK yarn and the old keyplate 1.

Talk to you later,

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