>Using The Knit Radar Parts Seven & Eight


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2 Responses to >Using The Knit Radar Parts Seven & Eight

  1. pixyPhD says:

    >Thank you so much for posting these wonderful videos. I have just bought a second hand Knitmaster with the Knit Radar attachment, but now I see I am missing some very vital components! I only have the instruction manual and the device itself, not the rulers or pattern sheets. Could you possibly tell me how many there are of each, so I can go back to my seller and ask her to look in her loft again? Thank you!

  2. Susan says:

    >Hi pixyPhD, I’ve replied to your question in the post ‘New Jumpers For Old’.I forgot to mention the pattern sheets!I believe there should be a basic set – men’s and ladies set in and raglan sleeve, dress, trousers, child’s set in and raglan, skirt, pants.

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