>New Jumpers For Old

>These are all the jumpers that I’m going to pull out and re-knit (eventually):

Jumpers To Re-Knit

When this is going to happen I have no idea, I haven’t even finished the short sleeved one that I’m knitting on the Bond. I have one more sleeve to knit which should take less than an hour – maybe I’ll knit that tomorrow afternoon when I come home from work.

I had a question from pixyPhD about the Knit Radar stitch scales so here goes – I hope this info is useful.

I bought a KR6 Knit Radar second hand and I received with it two sets of scales which measure just under 9 inches.

7 scales are numbered 1 to 7 and each of them has four stitch sizes (two on each side) numbered 23 – 50.

6 scales are numbered 11 – 16, these are the Centre Scales which are used for trousers and each covers four stitch sizes apart from no.16 which only covers two.

There is also a green ruler which shows the stitch count on one side and the row count on the other side.

The Knitmaster 700 that I bought second hand has a KR7 Knit Radar built in but there were no scales with the machine so I had to buy a set.

The set I bought measure about 13 1/2 inches and are numbered F1 – F15. There are four stitch sizes on each one. I didn’t receive any centre scales.

Hope this helps.

Talk to you later,

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  1. pixyPhD says:

    >That’s great, thanks very much! I have found somewhere that sells the rulers so will give it a go. I think I will give the knitted trousers a miss though! 😀 Thank you!

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