>I originally uploaded this video at the end of 2007. Someone had asked me “how do you punch a punchcard?” so I made the video showing how I do it.

I think it’s amazing how one punchcard can be used to make different patterns – tuck, slip, fair isle, weaving – just by changing the settings on the knitting machine’s carriage.

Here is a video I originally uploaded last year showing the versatility of the punchcard:

Talk to you later,

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2 Responses to >Punchcards

  1. fran wevers says:

    >Hi susy i found that and the rest of you site terrific, but that is a 12 card punch, im completely stuck trying to figure out the way to do a 12 card, its just dosent work. but im certainly going to watching for more of your video, seeing is much easier than reading reading etc.fran

  2. taurigal says:

    >I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your work with all of us! I love the variety of videos you have done, and have found all of them very helpful to me. I often watch a video multiple times, learning more and more each time I see it. I just "adopted" a punchcard machine (my first) and am off to see all your punchcard videos yet again. :)Lela

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