>Mock Rib Hem

>Cast on an odd number of stitches using an open edge cast on and knit 1 row.

Starting with the second stitch from the end, transfer it and every other stitch to the next needle so that there are 2 stitches on every used needle while every other needle is empty and in non working position.

Knit the required number of rows and return the non working needles to working position.

Hold the hem up and put the first loop onto the first empty needle. Work inwards from each end to the middle until all loops are on needles.

Fill the remaining needle in the middle from the loop below the neighbouring stitch.

Put all needles into the forward working position, latches open and knit 1 row slowly.

Carry on with the main garment piece.

This hem is improved by using a keyplate one size smaller for the hem rows.

It can be a little bulky on delicate garments and on chunky knitwear.

Mock Rib Hem

The sample was knitted on the Bond using DK yarn and the old keyplate number 2.

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