>Winding Wool

>A while ago I bought some cones of acrylic yarn from a charity shop for about a quid each.

I have knitted up the black, navy and white but I used the grey for knitting stitch samples and testing punchcards.

Yesterday I decided to unravel all these samples so that I can use the yarn to knit a jumper. After all I did pay a whole pound for it so I might as well use it for something wearable!

I set to and pulled most of it out:

Grey Acrylic

I ran out of plastic cones so I had to improvise by cutting down empty cones and altering them so that they’d fit onto the cone winder.

I’m thinking that I will have to make this jumper in a stitch that uses the purl side as the right side because there will be kinks in it on account of the yarn already being knitted once. I don’t think I will be able to get the kinks out of acrylic and they’ll probably be more noticable on the plain side.

I have no idea when I’m going to knit this jumper – I still haven’t done any more of the cotton one that I started the other week.

As I’ve been using the cone winder I thought I’d re-upload the video that I made showing how to use both the cone winder and wool winder:

Talk to you later,


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