>Picot Hem

>Instead of knitting a rib on the bottom, sleeves and neck, knit picot edges by knitting about 8 rows for hems then transferring every other stitch to adjacent needles.

Knit one row then return the empty needles back to WP for the next row.

When the garment is complete, turn the hems along the holes and slip stitch into position.

Picot Hem

The sample was knitted on the Bond using DK yarn and the old keyplate 2.

The above instructions were from an old Bond magazine. I think it would be easier to start off with a few rows of waste yarn and once the hem rows have been knitted place the first row of stitches after the waste yarn back onto the needles. When the next row is knitted the hem will be finished so there is no need to sew it up afterwards.

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  1. I know this is a very very old post, but I’m new to machine knitting and I was hoping you might be willing to answer a question for me… Can you I use a picot hem, like you suggest, in place of a rib on most anything? Jumpers/cardigans/tops etc?

    warm regards

    • SusyR says:

      You could but if you are using a thicker yarn it might end up being a bit bulky because it’s double thickness..

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