Two Colour Knitting On The Knitmaster 302

I’ve noticed a few people have been arriving on my blog recently looking for manuals and pattern cards for the Knitmaster 302 so I thought I’d re-post a couple of videos I made a while back showing how to do two colour patterning on this machine:


I haven’t used this machine for quite a while now but just watching these videos makes me want to set it up and play with it again.

Today I finished the sleeves for the cotton top that I’m knitting on the KM700. I started to seam it using the Hague Linker but I’m having a bit of trouble with it. I was using two strands of the cotton in the linker but the hook kept on just picking up one strand so it was a bit of a mess.

I then tried it with just one strand but I couldn’t seem to get it tensioned properly so I gave up for today. The cotton is quite thin, maybe it’s too thin for the linker to handle. I’m thinking that I might have to sew it up by hand – what fun. Sewing up is the part I like the least which is why I bought the linker in the first place!

Talk to you later,


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