>Cabled Ribs

>Use a chain stitch cast on.

Stitches should be a multiple of 3/5 plus 2/4, depending on whether you are doing a 1 over 1 or a 2 over 2 cable.

Place every 3rd/5th needle in NWP and
*knit the required number of rows to the first cable, possibly 2, 4 or 6.

Cable as appropriate and repeat from * until required depth is reached.

Rib up ladders.

A 3 over 3 cable rib with the cables very close together has too much horizontal pull in, so put 2 plain stitches between each cable, which also has a rib stitch on each side.

Cabled Rib

I wasn’t sure what a chain stitch cast on was so I did a crochet cast on – is that just the same?

Where it says to put every 3rd stitch into NWP I threaded ravel cord through the stitches and removed them from the needles, leaving the empty needles in NWP.

The sample was knitted on the Bond using DK yarn and the old keyplate 2.

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  1. Tracy says:

    >I’m really liking this one – so much more interest than plain ol’ ribbing!Thank you!!

  2. Susan says:

    >Look out for more cables – coming soon!

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