>Knitting Progress

>I knitted the back of the sleeveless pullover today:

Pullover Back

I had a couple of false starts when I did my usual thing and forgot to release the punchcard to start the patterning but apart from that it was really quick and easy.

I might do the front tomorrow when I come home from work, if not it will be the weekend.

I did finish sewing up the cotton top but I’m not at all happy with the way it worked out.

Cotton Top

It looks like a sack. I think it might have been better if I’d shaped it at the waist rather than knitting it straight. I also don’t like the scooped neckline.

So that’s another gardening jumper then!

Talk to you later,


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11 Responses to >Knitting Progress

  1. sophia says:

    >I love it!Being THIN,you look great in anything…. Maybe crochet a little something around the neckline if you think it's a tad low? Or tack on a couple I cord flowers of the same yarn? Or a necklace if you are a necklace person……Sophia in S. FL.

  2. Susan says:

    >Thanks for the ideas, Sophia.At the moment I'm sick of the sight of that top so it's going to be put away until I can summon up the enthusiasm to modify it – probably in a few year's time!

  3. >I think it looks great, it's just that you've just spent too much time with it lately. Maybe if you put it away for a little while you may like it better. Thanks for all the info in your blog. ~~ Debra (BC, Canada)

  4. Cerita says:

    >Hi Susan,I love your new sleeveless pullover you are knitting at the moment! It's looking quite nice already. Did you use full-fashioned shaping for the waist etc.?

  5. Leigh says:

    >Love Love Love your pullover! I have missed visiting your blog so much! I have also enjoyed checking out some of your other blogs, you are busy and CREATIVE!

  6. steel breeze says:

    >I think it looks ok – wear it with a big belt? Very fashionable right now!

  7. >My opinion: It looks very nice! ^__^

  8. >Hi Suzy, put a long sleeve turtleneck on under it. It really does look very nice. I don't think I would be disappointed with it. I know when I have knitted something that has given me a lot of grief I tend to not like it so much, until I get over being angry at it. LOLSheryl

  9. Susan says:

    >Thanks for all your comments about the cotton top. I'm still undecided about what to do with it – it's just sitting there taunting me.Cerita – I didn't do fully fashioned shaping on the sleeveless pullover, I just increased and decreased at the start or end of the rows.

  10. Cerita says:

    >I see Susan. It's looking great! I really can't see the mistakes, so you are right not to worry about it. Are you going to use your linker to put it together? Can't wait to see the finished pullover!

  11. Susan says:

    >Hi Cerita, I think I'll join the ribs by hand with them being so deep – I don't usually manage to get a neat seam on the ribs with the linker. I'll probably do the rest on the linker though.

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