>Knitmaster Twinmatic Help

>A lady called Cathie left a message in the Cbox saying she has a Knitmaster Twinmatic but doesn’t have any instructions for it.

Can anybody help? I suggested ebay but I’ve had a quick look there and couldn’t see any.

I also had a look on TPHUK’s site (that’s where I purchased my KM700 manuals from) but had no luck there.

Would anyone be willing to scan their own instructions for Cathie, or does anyone know where she might find them?

I’ve knitted a swatch in the purple cotton which I’ve washed so once it’s dried I’ll take the measurements using the green ruler and feed them into the Knitware software to come up with a pattern.

It’s going to be a tank top – I haven’t decided whether to do a round neck or a V neck yet (it will probably be a V neck) and I also haven’t chosen which punchcard I’m going to use to make the orange diamond pattern down one side.

Do you think it will work? I’m going to do it as you would do a single motif but just repeat it all the way up. It’s only going to be a small pattern (I hope), I just want something to break the purple up a bit. Do you think purple and orange sounds a bit gawdy?

Anyway, that’s the plan, whether or not I’ll be able to master the single motif knitting is another matter but I’ll give it a go.

Talk to you later,


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  1. steel breeze says:

    >*grin* next time just make it private, that way it's all still there!(from someone who had to remove her blog from the eyes of snooping co-workers)

  2. Leigh says:

    >Whew, I had no idea, thanks for the heads up!

  3. 321123 says:

    >KNIT MASTER twinmatic instruction you can find in yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/All_Time_Vintage_Manual_Knit_Mach_Club

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