>Three Hours Later

>Yesterday I knitted the back of the purple cotton tank top.

It hardly took any time at all and knitted up beautifully.

Today I decided to knit the front. I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to do a single motif pattern in orange down one side so I found the instructions and made a start.

First I knitted the ribbing – no problems.

Then I followed the instructions to set up the machine for single motif knitting.

I put the little orange and white thingys in the proper place on the needlebed and fitted the yarn seperators at each end of the machine where the instructions told me to.

I had already set up the punchcard ready for knitting the first row.

The first row worked OK. I took my extra lengths of main yarn and put them in place in the needle hooks for closing up the gaps between the motif and the main knitting.

The next row went OK but the yarn seperators didn’t want to go over the sinker plate, they were going underneath it and popping out. I replaced them and bent them upwards slightly so that they would clear the sinker plate.

I knitted a couple more rows but then I started having problems. The contrast yarn kept knitting in on the first few stitches so I had to keep stopping, going back to the start of the row and unravelling it. It was happening on every row that started from the left – the furthest from the motif.

No matter what I did I could not stop the orange from knitting in at the start of the row. I was getting more and more frustrated with it.

I re-read the instructions. Had I got the yarn seperators in the right place? Well according to the instructions I had. So why wouldn’t it work?

Before I started I had thought about making a video showing how to do the motifs but I decided not to – I decided I just wanted to get cracked on with it. I bet you wish I had made the video don’t you? That would have given you all a good laugh! I was shouting and swearing “for f*ck’s sake, why won’t it work? I’ve followed the instructions, I’m doing what it says in the book SO WHY WON’T IT WORK?” “Come on you stupid pile of crap, before I throw you out of the window!” At one point I was going to go outside to look for a branch so I could give it a damned good thrashing.

Anyway THREE HOURS LATER this is all I had done:

Slow Progress

29 rows from the end of the ribbing in three hours. The pattern said I had to do 192, no chance. It had taken 3 hours to do 29 rows and I’d had enough of it.

What I did looks OK though, here’s a close up:

Pattern Close Up

I had to take it off the machine though and call it a day. If I’d carried on trying to knit it I might have given myself a heart attack – I was getting so annoyed with it.

To top it off, I have the Ribmaster for the Knitmaster 4500 stored under the knitting machine table and when I dropped a transfer tool on the floor (while I was picking up some dropped stitches) I caught my finger on one of the Ribmaster needles and gouged a lump of skin out, to which I said “oh dear me, that hurt” or words to that effect.

Does anyone know why I was having problems with this? I was trying to keep the contrast yarn fairly taught so It wouldn’t get caught up in the needles. Obviously when I had knitted to the end of the row opposite to where the motif was, the yarn had come through the tension mast but when I was going back the other way it had no tension on it which was why I was keeping it taught.

Do you think I would have been better off just hand feeding the contrast yarn from the front and not bothering threading it through the tension mast? But then again, would it still have got caught in the needles at the start of the row?

Maybe it’s just as well I took it off the machine when I did because I have a feeling I would have ran out of purple cotton before I finished knitting the front. Can you imagine how annoyed I would have been if I’d struggled on for goodness knows how many more hours just to run out of yarn?

So, back to the drawing board.

Talk to you later,


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5 Responses to >Three Hours Later

  1. Tracy says:

    >I am SO sorry that you had so much trouble with the colorwork, because it is absolutely STUNNING. I can just imagine your running commentary (with an American accent, because I *know* what kinds of things would be coming outta my mouth!).And then to sustain an injury! I laughed out loud at: "to which I said "oh dear me, that hurt" or words to that effect." So, you poor thing. (pat, pat, pat) You'll come up with just the right finish for the tank top, I have confidence. Until then, pour yourself a large glass of something lovely, put your feet up, and relax.

  2. Cerita says:

    >Susan, I might be picking up a punchcard machine video by Susan Guagliumi tomorrow. If I get it, I'll watch it and see how she does single motif knitting, and let you know.

  3. Bente T says:

    >I can easily put myself in your situation, I can almost hear you, now that I have heard your voice. It is almost like to hear myself, only in Danish, when everything goes wrong. It now seems that you got it right, because it is great to see. Take a deep breath and do as Tracy says, put your feet up and relax..

  4. Joan says:

    >Such a shame the single motif gave you quite the problem. Especially since it was coming out very, very attractive. I didn't think the purple/orange combo or the single argyle motif would look so nice. But as always, you'll conquer it in the end!

  5. Susan says:

    >Thanks everyone for your comments, it's not going to beat me!Cerita, if you do find out the secret of single motif knitting I'd love to know what it is.

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