>Trying Again

>Last night I decided to re-hang the front of the tank top onto the machine and have another go at the single motif knitting.

At first I was having the same problem as before – the contrast yarn was knitting itself into the end stitches.

The only way I could think of to stop this happening was to remove the contrast yarn from the carriage at the start of the row and put it back in just before the carriage reached the motif.

This was a bit time consuming but it seemed to do the trick so I carried on.

I had already thought that I wouldn’t have enough of the purple yarn left to finish the front and it soon became apparent that I was right.

So yet again I removed it from the machine.

I’ve now re-done the pattern instructions in Knitware only this time I’ve done it a size smaller – it should still fit me.

I’ve pulled out the back and re-knitted it this evening.

I still don’t think there will be enough purple left to do the front with the single motif stripe but I’m wondering if there will be enough if I do the whole of the front in the argyll pattern. What do you think? Do you think there will be too much orange in it?

I’ll knit it up and see how it looks. If it looks awful or if I run out of purple yarn I’ll pull it out again and make some dishcloths!

Talk to you later,


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3 Responses to >Trying Again

  1. Cerita says:

    >Susan, didn't get the video, as they didn't have it. However, I came home and gave it a whirl on my SK 360. I used card no. 3, and had the motif run on the left of my sample. It worked fine, except for one row, where the first 3 needles on the right knit the contrast yarn, and that was when I realized the contrast yarn was too forward. So after this offending row, before knitting every row from right to left, I pushed the contrast yarn under the yarn separator towards the gate pegs (making sure it was flush with them). It never happened again, and I knit a hundred rows. Will send you a picture after I steam the sample.I am not sure if this helpful or not, maybe you were doing this already.

  2. alex says:

    >well can't you get some more purple yarn to finish of the sweater with. alex

  3. Susan says:

    >Thanks for that Cerita. I wasn't doing what you said with the yarn so I'll give it another go and maybe I'll have better luck with it.Alex – I can't get any more of the purple yarn as I bought it from a charity shop and the cone has no labels on it. I don't know who it's made by, shade number, dye lot or anything so I have to make do with what I've got.

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