>I think I Got It Right

>I’ve re-knitted the back of the stripey cotton jumper and I think I’ve got it right this time:

Jumper Back

Sorry the pictures a bit dark – there’s not much sunlight this evening.

I can’t decide whether to do the sleeves with stripes or just do them in the purple. I’ll have to have a think about it.

I have some more cotton that I want to knit up into a short sleeved top:

Four Cones

It’s the one at the left in the photo. I bought it from a charity shop back in January for £1.00. I had intended knitting it up as a Summer top but it feels more like Autumn now. Never mind.

I’m determined to work my way through all the yarn I’ve acquired and I’m being very good – I haven’t bought any for ages!

Talk to you later,


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6 Responses to >I think I Got It Right

  1. tismeaaron says:

    >For some reason things always seem to come out slightly longer even when i do check the tension..I think that it would look nice purple or striped.Aaron

  2. BammerKT says:

    >I love it! I think trying to match the stripes on the sleeves would scare me, but you are so accomplished I bet you could do it snipsnap! Can't wait to see what you do with it, and with the other cotton too.

  3. >Glad to see you are still here!

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  5. Cerita says:

    >Tensions are weird things, and you know what, I have NEVER got good results with the method in the manuals (using the green ruler). I just cast on 100 St and knit 100 rows (with 20 rows of CC on each end), yarn mark 80 rows (by pulling out the needles 41 on either side). I just measure the width of the 80 S and 100 rows, and use the division method). I find longer swatches gives better results with length problems. Just my two cents.

  6. Susan says:

    >I have found sometimes that the tension of the garment doesn't always match the tension of the swatch.

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