>Knitting Update

>Here’s how I’m getting on with my latest knitting projects.

The 2ply top that I knitted on the Knitmaster 4500 is nearly finished:

2 ply Top

I just need to sew up the side seams.

I’ve knitted the back and one sleeve of the cotton top on the Knitmaster 700:

Cotton Top Back And Sleeve

I didn’t do a very good job of pinning it out – it isn’t really all out of shape.

Finally, the right front of the bolero that I’m knitting on the Knitmaster 4500:

Bolero Right Front

I have a feeling I will have to re-knit it. When I put it against the back it didn’t line up properly – I think I missed out an increase on the top edge. I’ll know once I’ve knitted the left front, if they don’t match I’ll re-knit this one.

That’s all I’ve got to show you at the moment.

Talk to you later,


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