>I Went And Bought Some More

>You know I said I was going to work my way through all the yarn that I’ve got stashed away and that I wasn’t going to buy any more? Well I had a bit of a setback today.

It wasn’t my fault – it just happened.

I usually stay at work when I’m on my break but today I just had to get out of the shop – it was one of those days. So I decided that I’d spend my free half hour looking round the charity shops.

I was looking for a couple of cheap tops to wear for work and you can usually find something decent in the charity shops. Well I went in one of them and there in a basket near the counter were all these hanks of vintage wool. I’m a sucker for vintage wool. Well what could I do?

I came out with this:

Bargain Wool

All but the yellow is Munrospun 100% pure virgin wool.

Munrospun Label Munrospun Fairytex

Most of it is called Fairytex, there’s 8oz of Rowanberry, 5oz of Frog Green and 3oz of Stone Beige.

Munrospun 2ply

Then there’s 1oz of 2ply in Morning Haze. Lastly there’s 2oz of an unlabelled cotton in yellow.

£2.25 for the lot. I couldn’t pass that by could I? There was some more but I resisted the urge. It was brown and I think it was called Bronte. Maybe I’ll call back in some time and see if it’s still there or maybe I’ll be strong and walk straight past.

I didn’t find any tops for work.

Now, what shall I make with all this wool?

Talk to you later,


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  1. >Great find, you should have not passed it up. You had a productive break. ^__^

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