>2ply Top

>The 2ply top is now finished:

2ply Top

It didn’t come out too badly though I think the neckline could have been better.

I’m now sewing up the cotton top which shouldn’t take long provided I put my mind to it and don’t get bored with it.

I haven’t finished the bolero yet but I did re-knit the first front as I was convinced I’d done it wrong. I just hope the second front matches the first one. I think the thing that will take the longest with this bolero will be the front bands. I know I’ll get bored with sewing them on when they’re knitted – I did the last time I made one.

I made the back of the short sleeved raglan top. I’m knitting the back and front in Jaeger Dappelwul and only have 8 balls plus an oddment. I was getting a bit worried when I broke into the 4th ball while I was knitting the back – if I’d used all of that ball and still hadn’t finished it then I knew I wouldn’t have enough for the front and would have had to re-think my plans. I needn’t have worried though, I finished the back with some to spare so I know I’ll have enough for the front.

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