>The Bolero

>Oh the bolero. What can I say? It is fighting me now but it won’t beat me.

On Saturday I joined the shoulder seams and set about doing the first cuff. I hung the stitches onto the machine and knitted one row. Next the instructions told me to put every second stitch into holding position and knit two rows. Then I had to put the third then every second stitch into holding position and knit two rows. I had to repeat these four rows until I had knitted 76 rows.

Oh, you think so? Not a chance. I’d done about 30 rows when I noticed that it didn’t look right. Every so often a stitch had dropped without me realising it and there was no way I could figure out how to re-latch the stitches to fix it.

The thing with the Knitmaster 4500 is that all the latches have to be open before you lay the yarn across to knit the row. You only need to miss one and leave it closed for it to go wrong. If the latch is closed the yarn doesn’t go into the hook so when you pass the carriage across the stitch drops off.

So I had a second attempt. I was very careful and checked the needles before every row but I obviously missed one and lost a stitch again. So I took it off the machine and left it.

Today I decided to try again. I did it very slowly and carefully but yet again I lost a stitch.

I’d had enough of it by then so I decided to try and do it on the Knitmaster 700 instead. I hung the stitches and used punchcard number one on tuck stitch.

It looked near enough how it should of except that it had knitted far to loose.

So off it came again.

I had another go, this time at a tighter tension. By the time I’d reached 50 rows I decided to cast off – the 76 that the pattern said to do would have been far too many.

I cast off and I think it will be OK.

I never had this trouble the last time I knitted a bolero using this pattern so I don’t know why it kept going wrong this time.

I will get this thing finished.

Talk to you later,


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