>The Pink Jumper

>So far I’ve knitted the front, back and one sleeve of the pink jumper. I haven’t had time to do any more of it today but I’m hoping to have it finished at the weekend.

I haven’t done very much more of the cross stitch either, I think this one’s going to take a lot longer to do than the last one. Cerita guessed what it is – The Last Supper. I’ve had the chart and all the materials to make it for ages and I’m hoping to get it finished by Christmas – next Christmas.

Talk to you later,


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4 Responses to >The Pink Jumper

  1. alex says:

    >hi again susan i had a look on ebay for the stitch scales on bsk and i found them it said they were for the kr7 knit radar but in the discription it said they were for fine gauge. Are these the ones you bourght? hope you can help. with regards alex

  2. Cerita says:

    >Alex,Cerita here. As far as I know the KR7 stitch scales work on any of the Knitmaster machines, there are two sets of scales you can buy, one for half-scale patterns and other for full scale patterns, however the scales work with all gauges.

  3. Susan says:

    >Hi Alex, I think Cerita is right. Maybe BSK got their description wrong – you could contact them and find out for certain.

  4. alex says:

    >hi cerita thanks i think i will just go ahead and buy them.and susan i did contact them they said they wouldn't work on the 700 they said they are for fine gauge but i think you ar wright about them getting the description wrong thanks for the imfo anyway i am just gonna buy them surley there can only be one type of full scale gauges. with regards alex.

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