>Knitting Fair Isle Without A Punchcard

>A few weeks ago someone landed on my blog by Googling ‘knitting fair isle without a punchcard’ so I thought I’d make a video showing how to do just that:

It is quite time consuming but would be worth it if you have a design that has a repeat of more than the 24 stitches of your punchcard.

It might be better if you knitted in some of the floats at the back which I didn’t do. I should maybe have done it when there were more than about five stitches between the contrast stitches.

You also have to be careful when you’re knitting in the contrast colour by hand that you don’t get the main yarn float caught in the needle hook, you need to make sure it goes behind the latch and doesn’t get knitted in with the contrast yarn.

I hope some of you found this video useful.

Thanks Aaron and Mariam (who left a comment on YouTube) for telling me about the easy way to do this!
You don’t need to knit the contrast colour through by hand.
Just thread up the carriage with the main colour in feeder one and the contrast colour in feeder two.
Put the front Russell levers to ll and set the carriage for fair isle.
Pull the needles for the contrast colours forward to holding position as I did in the video and just knit the row.
I wish I’d known that before I made the video!

Talk to you later,


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7 Responses to >Knitting Fair Isle Without A Punchcard

  1. Samantha says:

    >That's a great video Susan, thanks for doing it, it's going to be useful to me when I'll be doing fair isle on my ISM, which I never tried yet….

  2. alex says:

    >hi susan thanks for the video i think i might have ago on the bond.also if you got time could you make a video on how to oil the pattern memory rollers on the 700 please. wih regards alex.

  3. Tismeaaron says:

    >Thanks for the video, Im not sure but if I remember rightly, on knitmaster macihnes, you dont need to knit the contrast through the needles by hand, you can put it in the contrast feeder and push your needles out and it knits..I think.Aaron

  4. Susan says:

    >You're right, Aaron. I've tried it and it works.Thanks for letting me know.

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  6. Laritza says:

    >Thank you for this! I also thought you had to do it by hand. Now we know. The video is useful along with the comments.

  7. susyranner says:

    Reblogged this on My Knitting Machines And Me and commented:

    A question was posted on the message board asking if you have to use a punchcard when doing two-colour knitting. I linked to the above post in my reply and thought I might as well re-blog it here for anyone who is interested.

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