>The Green Ruler

>May Lard left me a message in the message box saying she couldn’t remember how to use the green ruler.

For you, May and anyone else who’s interested, here are the instructions from the Knit Radar manual.

The tension swatch must be knitted in the same yarn and same stitch type that you will be using for the garment.
1) Push up 35 needles on both sides of “0” on the needlebed and work the closed edge cast on.
Knit 20 rows checking the tension of the fabric.
2) After knitting 20 rows, knit 2 rows with a contrast coloured yarn. (In pattern knitting, knit 2 rows in stockinette with a contrast coloured yarn)
3)At the 30th row from contrast yarn, put yarn marks on the 21st needles from 0 by knitting a contrast yarn manually.
Then knit another 30 rows and knit 2 rows in contrast coloured yarn.
4) After knitting another 20 rows, remove the swatch from the machine.
The instructions then say to press the swatch lightly with a steam iron or with an ordinary iron over a damp cloth. What I do is wash and dry the swatch in the same way as the finished garment will be washed and dried.
You can then measure the swatch using the green ruler.
Stitch (Horizontal)
Place the scale with the “S” side up, onto the swatch so as the left end of the scale is touching the inside of the stitch in a contrast yarn. Measure to the point of the other contrast stitch and the number which corresponds with this stitch. The scale should be read from the side indicated by the arrow, ie. from the left side.
This number is the number of stitches per 4″.
Row (Vertical)
Place the scale with the “R” side up onto the swatch so as it covers the length in between the rows knitted in a contrast yarn. Measure this length and the number indicated on the scale. The scale should be read from the side indicated by the arrow.

This number is the number of rows per 4″.

I have to refer to these instructions every time I make a swatch – I can never remember how to do it.

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    • martha says:

      I would like to know how Bond machines differ from Singer 155 bulky. Can I kni t the same no. of stitches and it come out the same. martha

      • susyranner says:

        The spacing between the needles is different. On the 155 it’s 9mm, on the Bond I believe it’s 8mm. In answer to your question, if you knit the same number of stitches it would not come out the same.

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