>Happy New Year

>As usual at the start of the new year I am determined to finish the things that never got finished last year or the year before.

There is one project which I don’t think will ever be finished and that is the hand knitted jumper I started four years ago. I know it was that long ago because I printed out the Knitware instructions on 23rd January 2006. I only have the sleeves to finish and it’s done in garter stitch so it really shouldn’t take long should it? Did I ever mention that I hate knitting by hand? The only reason I’m hand knitting this jumper is that the wool is too nobbly for the Bond to handle.

I started sewing a patchwork quilt long before I started the hand knitted jumper and I’m nowhere near finished that. Maybe this year I’ll get some more of it done.

One day I might finish the mitred square blanket – some of you may remember it.

Then there’s the Last Supper cross stitch that I started a couple of months ago. I soon got bored with that one didn’t I?

I also want to work my way through all the yarn that I’ve accumulated over the last few years. This time I’m determined to be stronger and not buy any more. How many times have I said that? I really mean it this time – yeah, right.

Something I am determined to do this year is buy myself a brand new knitting machine. The only brand new machine I’ve ever had is the Bond and that was back in the early 80s, the rest have either been bought off ebay or have been lucky charity shop finds. I’m saving up and I’m hoping to be able to buy one by the Summer. I’ve decided to go for a punchcard machine rather than an electronic one as I will probably be able to use the accessories I already have like the rib transfer carriage and colour changer.

Anyway, that’s my plans for the year, let’s see how well I do.

Talk to you later,


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6 Responses to >Happy New Year

  1. Rose Blue says:

    >Susan, I wish you the very best this New Year, and hope you get your brand new machine very soon.Charlene

  2. Susan says:

    >Thank you Charlene.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Hi Susy, I think as hard as you work you deserve a new machine. You make fantastic items with the machines that you have!! I can't wait to see what you will make when you get your new machine. Buy the best machine that you can afford!! That's my motto. I have a punchcard machine that is a longbed. It has an extra 72 needles on it. I just love it. You might want to check them out. Have a happy & busy new year!! Sheryl

  4. Susan says:

    >Thanks Sheryl.

  5. Phil says:

    >Hi Susan, I think yu deserve a new knitting machine, considering all the hard work you have put in with all yourother ones. What machine are you looking to get? Phil

  6. Susan says:

    >I'm thinking of getting a Silver Reed SK280 as I'll be able to use the Knitmaster accessories with it such as the Knit Radar, rib transfer carriage and colour changer.I still need to save up a bit more but I'm getting there.

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