>So Much For That Idea

>As I said in my last post, I would like to finish off a few things that I started years ago. With that in mind I’ve been knitting a few more rows of the hand knitted Patons Astro jumper that I started four years ago.

I thought if I work on it for an hour every evening I would soon get it finished. So there I was, knitting away when SNAP – one of the needles broke.

Broken Knitting Needle

So that’s that idea up the Swanee isn’t it?

I had a look to see if I have another size 5 needle but first I had to find out what the equivalent metric size is – it’s a 5 1/2mm – and of course I don’t have one. Sodding typical. I’ll have to buy a new pair when I’m in town tomorrow.

I think I’m destined never to finish this.

Talk to you later,


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2 Responses to >So Much For That Idea

  1. Lynne says:

    >Oh my goodness! How agravating is that! I haven't broken a knitting needle yet. Never thought I could. But then never thought I'd get a crochet hook stuck in my thumb either. The trials and tribulations of crafters.

  2. Susan says:

    >I have to say a broken knitting needle has to be much less painful than a crochet hook stuck in the thumb. Ouch!

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