3ply Socks

Machine Knitted Socks

I adapted this pattern from one that I found in an old Modern Knitting magazine. The original socks had a mock rib pattern, mine are plain. The socks are knitted flat then seamed at the sides of the foot and the back of the ankle.

The pattern is written for the Knitmaster 4500.

These socks are to fit a 9 1/2 inch foot, UK size 6. It’s not an exact measurement but an approximate.

There are two lengths, ankle and calf. The instructions for the calf length are in brackets.

You will need 2oz of 3ply at the most for one pair.

Cast on 59sts.

T3 Knitmaster, T5 Ribmaster. Knit 30 rows in rib.

Transfer stitches from Ribmaster to Knitmaster.

T4 – knit 12 (42) rows in stocking stitch.

Place 15 sts from either side onto waste yarn leaving only the center 29 in work.

Knit 60 rows in stocking stitch.

T3 – Place 1 needle into HP at the opposite side to the carriage on every row until 11 sts remain in work.

Push 1 needle from HP to WP at the opposite side to the carriage on every row until all the needles are back in work.

T4 – knit 60 rows in stocking stitch.

Work as for toe.

Here I would place the sts on waste yarn back onto the needles so that the outer stitches are on the centre needles. I would then pull the stitches through the ones that were already on the needles and cast off. this leaves a ridge at the back of the heel.

If you don’t want the sock to have this ridge you can take the work off onto waste yarn and rehang the opposite way round, finishing as described above.

Alternatively you can do the join using kitchener stitch.

You then need to sew the sides of the foot and the back ankle seam.

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