>A Finished Item And More Wool

>Finally, after four years I have finished the hand knitted Patons Astro jumper:

Patons Astro Jumper
So that’s another gardening jumper then.

Actually it’s not as bad as it seems in the photo. I didn’t do a very good job of putting it on the dummy. Because it’s longer than the dummy it got bunched up a bit around the middle, it doesn’t look like that when I’m wearing it. Also the sleeves are both the same width, even though in the photo one looks wider than the other.

Maybe I should have just re-taken the photo.

I finished another pair of socks:
Royal Blue Socks

And I’m halfway through another pair:
Two Tone Blue Sock

I have bought some more wool. I know I’m supposed to be using up my stash but this was different. One of the things Billy gave me for my birthday was £50 in vouchers to spend at A Fine Yarn in Darlington’s covered market. Well, I had to spend them didn’t I?

This is what I bought;

Sirdar Click
500g of Sirdar Click DK. It’s 70% acrylic, 30% wool. The colours are brighter in real life than they look in the photo.

Cygnet Wool Rich 4ply
500g of Cygnet Wool Rich 4ply. it’s 75% wool, 25% polyamide.

And just to use up the full fifty quid I bought this

King Cole Zig Zag
One 100g ball of King Cole Zig Zag 4ply. 50% wool, 50% nylon. It’s for socks because of course I’m short of socks (not).

Talk to you later,


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6 Responses to >A Finished Item And More Wool

  1. Denise says:

    >You are just burning up those needles now. Love the new yarn. Cant wait to see what you have in mind for some of it.

  2. Susan says:

    >The multi coloured yarn will be a plain stocking stitch jumper and the 4ply will probably be a jumper in a slip stitch or tuck stitch pattern – that's when I get round to knitting them.

  3. Lynne says:

    >Your jumper is beautiful and looks like it's got great texture. Wish I lived close enough to see it on you. I'd definitely grab your arm and give the sleeve a feel. hahaha

  4. Susan says:

    >That's why I had to knit it by hand – the Bond had a hard time knitting it because it was so bobbly. It's nice and warm though.

  5. Tracy says:

    >You ended up with some very yummy looking yarns from your vouchers! And the sweater is really actually lovely. Don't waste it in the garden, I'm positive that it looks great on you!

  6. Susan says:

    >Thanks Tracy.

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