>A New Knitting Machine

>Silver Reed Knitting Machine

Silver Reed SK280

Last year my bank opened a deposit account for me. I didn’t ask for it, they just gave me it. Over the year I put away a little bit every few weeks and decided it would be my rainy day money.

When I started to save up for a new knitting machine I wasn’t going to use my rainy day money, I was going to keep it for emergencies.

Last weekend I decided, sod it – why don’t I just use my rainy day money to buy my knitting machine? I wouldn’t need to spend it all, there’d still be some left and I can still carry on saving and building up the rainy day account again.

So I bought it. I ordered it last Saturday and it arrived on Friday.

I now have a brand new Silver Reed SK280 and I love it.

It’s just the same as the Knitmaster 700 except there’s no built in Knit Radar and no built in intarsia on the carriage. It’s not a problem though as I already have a KR6 Knit Radar (thank goodness I didn’t get rid of it) and a seperate intarsia carriage.

Knit Radar KR6

Look how white it is

Row Counter
When I first set it up it seemed like a shame to use it, it was so shiny and new. Of course I started playing on it straight away – well I’m not going to just let it sit there when I’ve paid the best part of £650 for it am I?

First I tried out some of the punchcards which are exactly the same as the punchcards I already have but you still have to test them don’t you?

Next I knitted a tension sample using the Sirdar Click that I bought last week

Sirdar Click
This will be a plain stocking stitch jumper. I say plain but it’s certainly going to be colourful.

When I cast off the sample I decided to try out the SC3 linker as that’s on my list of things to do this year. I got it wrong at first as I didn’t bring the needles forward and wondered why it wasn’t working. Once I’d read the instructions again it worked perfectly

Cast Off Edge

I need to play with that a bit more so I can learn what else it can do.

I’ve knitted the front and back of a pullover which I’m knitting using the wool from this jumper which I’ve unpicked.

Pullover Front

I’m knitting it using card 11 set on slip stitch

Stitch Pattern

After that I let the SK280 have a little rest and moved onto the Knitmaster 4500 and made another pair of socks

Dark Red Socks

I’ve got enough odd balls of 3ply left to make another three or four pairs of socks then I might move onto the 4ply oddments and use them to make some more mitred squares. I’m determined to finish that blanket that I started ages ago. I’m also determined to complete everything on my to do list.

Talk to you later,