>When I ordered the new Silver Reed machine I packed away the Knitmaster 700 that I had been using. Before I packed it away I decided to give the lace carriage one last try on it. Unfortunately I got the same results as I had the times before when I’d tried it. It would drop stitches or transfer them onto the sinker posts. It was never any better than when I tried it on the 321.

I never expected it to work properly on the 321 but it should have worked on the 700. I thought maybe I’d damaged it when I used it on the 321 so I decided just to chuck it away.

I was going to get rid of it last week but I didn’t. I kept looking at it and wondering if I should try it on the new machine. But what if it damaged the needles? I didn’t want to be replacing needles when I’d only had the machine a couple of weeks.

Should I or shouldn’t I? What if I throw away a perfectly good lace carriage? But what if I damage the new machine?

Well, this afternoon I decided to give it a go.

I set it all up, did about 30 rows in plain stocking stitch as the instructions told me to do. Then I released the punchcard. I was very nervous. If it sounded as if it was struggling I would stop straight away. I pushed the carriage across. There was no resistance. I did another row and another and another. Row after row, no mistakes, no dropped stitches, no stitches transferred onto the sinker posts.

I could hardly believe it! I went all the way through the punchcard with no problems.

So I tried all of the lace punchcards;

Lace 1
Punchcard 1

Lace 2
Punchcard 2

Lace 3
Punchcard 3

Lace 4
Punchcard 4

Lace 5
Punchcard 5

Lace 6
Punchcard 6

Lace 7
Punchcard 7

Lace 8
Punchcard 8

Well, what do you think of that then? There was nothing wrong with the lace carriage.

I then tried the fashion lace. This is where you do so many rows without the yarn threaded then a couple of rows with it threaded. That’s where it went wrong. It was my fault, though. When I put the yarn back into the carriage and re-set it to knit I hadn’t got the yarn in the feeder properly and all the work just came straight off the needles. Before that happened I had managed to knit this much of punchcard 9:

Lace 9

As you can see it had been doing the transfers alright, it was just my mistake that spoilt it.

I left it at that – I couldn’t be bothered to cast on again and do any more.

Now that I know the lace carriage works I’m so glad I never threw it away last week. But why wouldn’t it work on the 700? I can’t understand it.

Talk to you later,


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27 Responses to >Lace

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Maybe the wrong needles in the 700. Some of the machines have needles that are to sturdy to transfer with the LC. Sheryl

  2. Phil says:

    >Well done Susan and her SK280!!!! They look great Susan. What model lace carriage is it? I had a go the other week with my lace carriage but i dont think i got the fashion lace right but the other punch cards worked well. These look great anyway!

  3. Susan says:

    >Thanks for your comments.Sheryl – I know the 321 had the wrong needles but I'm fairly certain the 700 had the right ones.Phil – it's the LC2.

  4. Laritza says:

    >So beautiful lace!I wonder if the sponge bar on the 700 is not in pristine condition, that could do it for the lace carriage not to work. Glad you got it going 🙂

  5. alex says:

    >hiaa susan you must of had the wrong needles in the 700 because i have got the 700 and the lc2 and mine works fine. with regards, alex.

  6. Cerita says:

    >Well done Susan, thank goodness you didn't get rid of it. Singer lace can be very temperamental,and I have had my fair share of frustrations. However, last year I got a 360 with a 260/360 lace carriage, and everything went very well from the first time I tried it.I am so happy for you, the lace looks fabulous!

  7. >I am so jealous. I only tried lace once: I knit a lace cardi on my old Toyota, and just about had a nervous breakdown because I had to check every single row for dropped stitches. I've never even dared try lace on my Brother machines. Well done!

  8. Susan says:

    >Thanks everyone.I think the problem with the 700 was probably the sponge bar rather than the needles, as Laritza said.I'm looking forward to making some lacy tops and cardigans.

  9. alex says:

    >could you please video your new machine if you get the chance please. thanks

  10. Susan says:

    >Do you just want to see what the machine looks like or is there something in particular you want me to video?

  11. alex says:

    >well yes the machine in more detail but i was thinking more of the lace carriage working properly, in action thanks alex.

  12. Phl says:

    >I second that alex! would be nice to see your new machine in action susan!

  13. >Oooh, wow, aaah! Very pretty lace and flawless too. There is nothing like the machine doing what it's suppossed to do. Needle drag, biting carriage, nah! I would like to see the machine also, and whatever you'll like to demonstrate. ^__^

  14. Susan says:

    >I want to play with the machine a bit more before I make a video – maybe in a couple of weeks I'll get the camcorder out.

  15. steel breeze says:

    >Are there some timing screws on the front of the sinker plate of the lace carriage? Mine has some funny plastic things with slits, and apparently they need to be timed with the machine. I need to take mine down to Andeeknits and see if she will do it for me, because mine drops. They need to be adjusted to the machine they'll be used on. One of those weird quirks.

  16. Susan says:

    >I haven't checked but I think I'll leave well alone – as long as it's working that's all I'm bothered about! Thanks for the info.

  17. Anonymous says:

    >hi I'm a super rookie when it comes to machine knitting and sorry to bother you but you are the only resource on the web i can find using the Knit master 700. IM trying to use the punch card to knit these exact patterns. I follow the little diagram in the pattern book according to the punch card im using but it just knits stockinet the entire time. Do you have a guess of what im doing wrong? Do you know of a video that shows exactly hot to use a punch card? I feel like im missing something here and it shouldn't be this difficult. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  18. Susan says:

    >Do you mean you are trying to knit lace? I'm assuming that you are using the lace carriage. The side levers need to be pushed back to the triangle symbol and the cam lever should be at the upside down V and O.If you aren't using the lace carriage then you won't be able to knit the lace patterns.

  19. Anonymous says:

    >Thanks for responding. Sorry, yes Im trying to knit lace-I am using the lace carriage with the positions you are describing. -here is what the pattern book tells me to doorder 1: start at #1 on the card set the stop nob to the circle, the side levers to circle and cam leaver to the V-Then i move the carriage right to left as the arrow on the card tells me but the card doesn't move to the #2-then I follow order 2: put the stop nob to the triangle, side leavers to the triangle and the cam to the v (dosnt change) -then I move the carriage from left to right and the punch card moves as well -I continue this back and forth (order 1, order 2)and nothing happens – only stockinet stitchshould i be moving the punch card manually ? Should i transfer the stitches manually to make the lace pattern? I feel like this should be really simple and Im just missing something.

  20. Susan says:

    >Order 1 puts the first row of the punchcard into the memory.Once you've done order 2 you just keep it set the same and carry on knitting – you don't have to go back and do order 1 again.

  21. Anonymous says:

    >hmmm… ok then. Thanks so much for your help! It must be my machine then because still nothing is happening

  22. Susan says:

    >Are you trying to do the plain lace or the fashion lace?If it's the plain lace you are setting the cam lever in the right position aren't you?I can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't be working.

  23. Anonymous says:

    >Yes I'm using plain lace and the punch cards that come with the 700 – the same ones you demonstrate in this post. I've set the cam to the VO positionI just tried doing the fashion lace and it worked although it was dropping stitches. Could there be issues with the card? I've never done this before so i'm not very intuitive on other errors to look for.

  24. Dizar says:

    >Hi Susan, I was wandering whether you could take a photograph of what the actual punchcard for you 6th bit of lace. I have a bunch of lace punchcards without actual images of what they're going to look like.. So if you posted an image of what the punchcard itself looks like i'd be able to flick through mine and check if I have it, or something similar 🙂 Im oing lace on a single bed brother machine and it seems to be working okay, but Im a total newby! 🙂 Thanks for your blog x

  25. Susan says:

    >You can see a scan of the punchcard here but as it's for a Knitmaster lace carriage I don't think it will work in your Brother one.

  26. gwenda says:

    Hi Susan, I love the look of those patterns you posted, are they numbered by the number on the punch card or in order of how you did them? I have punch card no 1 and the pattern is totally different. What series is it?

    • SusyR says:

      All I can tell you is that they are for the lace carriage and are numbered L1 to L10.
      The photos are numbered according to the numbers on the punchcards.

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