>I’ve Spat My Dummy Out

>Alright, that’s it. I’ve had enough of this cardi now, I’m not playing anymore – I’ve spat my dummy out.

I sewed the new bands on, washed it again and it’s still not right.

I’m giving it one last chance before I throw all the toys out of the pram as well.

I will try and do horizontal bands instead. When I originally created the pattern with Knitware it had horizontal bands but it said I needed 231 needles which I don’t have. That’s why I did the bands vertically and sewed them on.

I think I’ll try doing the back neck seperate then the two fronts instead of working the fronts then halfway along the back neck like the original pattern said. I might just get away with that.

I have lost interest in it completely now so it’s going to take a big effort to undo the bands and start them again. I’m definitely not happy.

I already know what I’m making next. I found this in an 80s Modern Knitting magazine:

Modern Knitting May June 84
I like the stitch pattern so decided to copy the punchcard and just make my own jumper using either the Knit Radar or Knitware.

Then I discovered it was for electronic machines and the pattern was only 18 stitches wide. So I fiddled about with it to make it fit on a punchcard and ended up with this:

Checkerboard Pattern Purl Side
It doesn’t look that much different to the original, it still has the tuck stitch and plain squares (except they’re not really squares) which is what I was after.

I did think about using the plain side:

Checkerboard Pattern Knit Side
The pattern doesn’t stand out as well in this dark wool but I tried knitting it in white and it looks better. Maybe sometime I’ll make a white jumper using the plain side.

Anyway, I’ve got my row and stitch numbers so all I need to do now is decide how I want the jumper to look. No doubt it will be a crew neck with set in sleeves as that’s what I usually end up making.

One thing’s for certain though, it will not be a cardigan. I don’t want to see another cardigan for a long time apart from the one that’s on it’s final warning.

Talk to you later,


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6 Responses to >I’ve Spat My Dummy Out

  1. Lynne says:

    >Oh Susan you're my kind of knitter! You just crack me up. You are so honest about the trials and tribulations of making a sweater. I really appreciate it.

  2. Susan says:

    >As my dear, departed Grandma used to say, "tell the truth, shame the Devil." (I never knew what that meant but I always try to tell the truth anyway)

  3. Phil says:

    >Sorry to hear the cardi has been annoying you Susan – i think maybe if you take a break from it and do a new project you may just find the enthusiasm to pull it out and start it again! I must say the colour of the yarn you are using for your next project is lovely – what is it? IVe just finished my first cardi on my 302 and im chuffed to bits :o) Im very impressed with how i sewed it up – its turned out nice and neat. Anyway im sure you will eventually get round to finishing the cardi but take a break from it! Hope your well, take care. Phil.

  4. Susan says:

    >It's a big cone of acrylic that I found in a charity shop ages ago. It has no labels so I've no idea what make it is or anything.

  5. steel breeze says:

    >If it's any consolation, I've never had much luck with vertical bands, either. I ended up tacking them on and then using a sewing machine to do a zigzag stitch over the edge. The cardigan in question was beyond its final warning by that point!I usually hold the garment against the machine and rib the required length, then transfer to main bed and hang the garment and knit a loose row, then cast off. I usually split it at the back neck if possible.

  6. Susan says:

    >That's what the Knitware instructions said to do but with them saying I needed 231 needles I didn't even bother trying it. I'll have to have a go at it.

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