>Tension Swatches

>I knitted some more tension swatches today – I’m determined to work my way through the stash.

This is Twilley’s Bubbly:
Twilley's Bubbly
It’s cotton and is quite fine but with big lumpy bits which give it the texture you can see in the swatch. It does not like being knitted on the machine.

I made a top from it a few years ago on the Knitmaster 302 and didn’t have much trouble knitting it so when I saw a load more of it on ebay I went and bought it – now I wish I hadn’t.

I think I have enough of the royal blue for a short sleeved top plus enough pink (I think) for another top. There are also a few balls of cream and one of aqua.

I will use it up.

This is Munrospun Fairytex:
Munrospun Fairytex
I think there’s only enough of this to make a sleeveless top. As well as the green there’s about an ounce of beige and some leftover rowanberry from the lacey cardi I made.

I’ll probably have to put a few stripes in it.

This one is Lister Saralia:
Lister Saralia
It’s 70% Leacril (is that the same as acrylic?) and 30% Angora and it’s very soft.

I’m planning to make a short sleeved v-neck top with this, there should be enough of it.

Exactly when I’m going to make any of these things I don’t know but at least I got as far as the swatches.

Talk to you later,


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7 Responses to >Tension Swatches

  1. steel breeze says:

    >Swatching's always a great idea when you feel creative but can't figure what you want to do next. Put them somewhere safe so you're ready to go when you get free time!If I was doing this fulltime I'd probably swatch every yarn as it came into the house – and tuck the swatch up into the cone. Have to be a bit dedicated though!

  2. Susan says:

    >I was going to knit more swatches but decided against it as I would probably change my mind about what stitch to do them in. Sometimes you just get bored with plain old stocking stitch.

  3. >HI: Swatching always seemed like a waste of yarn and time…(esp. when I could not find the swatch after weeks and weeks)but…it is all worth it–when I finally found THE swatch. It saves me lots of grunts and sighs, not to mention time and yarn. Now I really appreciate the 'little' efforts. I even swatch hand knits ^__^

  4. Susan says:

    >I never used to make tension swatches, I just used to knit things and hope for the best. Sometimes I was lucky and they fitted, sometimes I wasn't.I always thought it was a waste of time but it really isn't

  5. Jemajo says:

    >Your swatches are very neat! They look like you put the same effort into them as the finished article.Have you any tips on which tension to start swatching at? I have actally used up an entire cone trying to get the right gauge with the correct feel, and then trying to make gauge for the pattern. I wish there was someway of saving a lot of yarn! I made gauge in the end, but there was no more yarn left, and I had already washed it :p

  6. Susan says:

    >I usually knit 4ply at tension 6 and use that as a guide. If it's thinner I'll try it at 4 or 3. It's just guesswork really.

  7. Jemajo says:

    >Thanks Susan!

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