>To anyone who has received an email today from my AOL address it was not sent by me.

I don’t know how people manage to do this but lots emails have been sent from my address. I only found out because my inbox was suddenly full of returned emails marked as undeliverable.

I’m so sorry if you received one supposedly from me, I don’t even know what the emails contained and I am extremely annoyed about it.

I always keep my anti-virus software up to date and my computer is scanned twice a week. I will scan it again now and run Spybot to see if it finds anything.

My apologies once again to anyone who has received dodgy emails from my address.

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  1. Ysabeau says:

    >I don't know what this email contained because I didn't read it.Sometimes it happens that I receive emails from myself I never send asking me, for example, to try something I can't absolutely not use because I'm not a man… Spammers have software able to automatically pick up email address from the web and then send emails as if you were the sender, they can do worse things but I can't explain this in English. Do you think to ask blogspot about this story ?

  2. >I know that unscrupulous people can 'guess' your password and get in that way, and you would never know it. Change your password to something very long that would be 'very difficult' to guess–however, there are unlawful programs that 'gtuess' or 'generate' probable passwords based on the contents of your blog.Smart people with too much time on their hands…what a waste!Hope this helps. You probably knew this.^__^

  3. Susan says:

    >I have changed my password. The annoying thing is that I have now received a warning from AOL for violating their terms of service and that my account could be suspended. I've emailed them asking for advice but have yet to receive a reply.

  4. alex says:

    >hi susan it's alex again, just wondering did you ever have any trouble knitting tuck stitch on your bond because i have problems sometimes with my sweater machine.

  5. Susan says:

    >To be honest it's so long since I did anything like that on the Bond that I really can't remember.

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